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☞ How to install free evaluation for Visual Studio Code:

1. ExtensionsSearch for 'Monokai Pro'Install

2. Command PaletteMonokai Pro: select theme

You can freely evaluate Monokai Pro for Visual Studio Code.
To remove the popups, a license of €12.50 is required

Buy license for Visual Studio Code

You can find more info about ↗ Monokai Pro for VSCode in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

When you purchase Monokai Pro for Visual Studio Code, you'll receive a license in your email inbox and instructions how to apply the license.

Monokai Pro has a couple of extra settings that you can enter in the user preferences of Visual Studio Code to tweak the theme to your taste. ⏵ Show settings
  • monokaiPro.fileIconsMonochrome

    makes the file icons monochrome (default: false)

Got any issues? Please ↗ leave feedback on GitHub

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