A color scheme for focusing

Monokai Pro is a color scheme and customized user interface theme for code editors. It has been designed with beautiful functionality in mind. Carefully selected shades of colors are the foundation of an uncompromising, non-distractive user interface.

Monokai Pro is available for Sublime Text and Visual Code. It comes with predefined syntax highlighting colors. The single goal of Monokai Pro is to let you focus on your code.

Beautiful and functional colors

The original Monokai colors had been created in 2006 by creative director & developer Wimer Hazenberg. Soon after, the code editor Sublime Text adopted Monokai as its default color scheme. Monokai is internationally used for syntax highlighting in almost every editor.

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5 + RND(1)); : GOTO 10

The pro version, created by the same author, is a modern interpretation of the classic color palette. The updated colors are carefully calibrated to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Color filters

Monokai Pro comes with a set of color filters to suit your mood. Whether you want to code like a robot or feel like controlling a spaceship, there's a matching color filter for you.

Pixel-perfect file icons

The icons of Monokai Pro have all been created from scratch to ensure they are easily recognizable on small sizes in the side bar. They are designed to help you quickly find the right files in your project.

The pixel-perfect icons provide just the right level of detail to maximize legibility. You'll get 70+ monochrome and color icons for today's most popular languages.

Available in multiple editors

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